collective nouns

Collective nouns And Group Expressions

An army of waiters                
An array of soldiers           
A band of robbers                         
A band of soldiers             
A band of wild dogs                     
A bouquet of flowers       
A brace of pistols               
A brood of chickens                     
A bunch of grapes            
A bunch of keys                 
A bundle of hay                 
bundle of sticks                  
A caravan of gypsies        
A caravan of pilgrims       
A chain of mountains       
A clump of trees                
A cluster of stars                
A collection of curiosities
A collection of relics                     
A concourse of people     
A congregation of saints 
A covey of partridges       
A crowd of people            
A drove of cattle     (when being drive)
A fall of rain                        
A fall of snow                                 
A flight of birds                  
A flight of locusts              
A flight of stairs                 
A flight of steps                 
A flock of geese                 

A flock of sheep                 
A flood of anger                
A flood of light                   
A flood of rain                    
A flood of words               
A galaxy of stars                
A gang of labourers                      
A gang of robbers             
A gang of thieves              
A group of islands             
Α grove of trees                 
A heap of ruins                  
Α heap of sand                   

Α heap of stones                
A herd of cattle (when grazing)
Α herd of elephants                      
Α herd of deer                    
Α herd of swine                  
A hive of bees                    

A horde of savages                       
A host of angels                 
A host of difficulties                     
A host of friends                
A legion of angels             

A library of books              
A litter of puppies             
A mass of ruins                   
A multitude of people      

A nest of ants                     
A pack of dogs                   
A pack of hounds              
A pack of seal                     
A pack of wolves               
A pair of shoes                   
A posse of police               
A quiver of arrows            
A range of hills                   
A range of mountains      
A series of events              
A sheaf of arrows              
A sheaf of grain                 
A sheaf of paper                
A sheaf of wheat               
A shoal of fish                    
A shower of rain                
A squadron of horse         

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