This is a poem written by anitarobi an esl teacher. It's so cute!!! Thanks Anita!!!


The forest was gentle
And chirping so sweet,
And happy she flew
Reaching flowers with feet.
All night long she so fluttered
And played with the leaves,
Chatting with beasties,
Her tender heart ´s thieves.
She drank the night dew
From the petals of flowers,
She felt tiny, and the trees
Seemed like high castle towers.
As the night breeze caressed
Her butterfly wings,
The fairy flew higher
To the sparkling things.
The moon called them stars,
She loved their light,
Like diamonds they sparkled
On the blanket of night.
And the fairy felt free,
Welcomed by every creature,
As the nature was generous
and shared its every feature.
The fairy wished time could stop
And she ´d just stay there forever.
But her inner clock kept ticking,
Ruthless, but honest as ever.
And she knew dawn would come
And this music would end,
For the sun was close by,
Dozing just round the bend.
She flew down on a mushroom,
Curling up like a child,
Wishing life would be this calm
And reality mild.
She soaked up the sounds,
Bathed skin in fresh air,
Eyelids closed up like veils,
Keeping distance from cares.
So she sat in the forest,
Just feeding her heart,
She hated to wake up
And with this world part.
This dream was serene,
Her sanctuary, her shrine.
In her forest all were good
And everything went fine.
When awake, she is different,
Wears a mask – we all do.
But if you visit her forest,
She ´ll reveal herself to you.
Daytime keeps her in shoes,
Wings hidden under clothes,
Her flight is a walk,
Her song has no notes.
But these seconds before dawn,
Stealing them from the time,
She ´s a real forest fairy,
Eternal in rhyme.


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