“The wishing fairy"
     a poem by Frank

She lives somewhere between dusk and dawn
Dancing daintily right through the wee small hours
Flitting through the twilight like a whispered wish
Paying no attention to the lives that time devours.

Her light is faint so that you’d barely even notice it
Her voice could be mistaken for a trick of the breeze              
Her touch is as soft as a velvety gossamer mesh
When she holds you, you can barely feel her squeeze.

Her tears are as ethereal as the morning dew
Evaporating at the merest touch of the morning sun
Her laughter is barely audible to the ear
Her passing almost imperceptible when she is done.

Her sadness is evident in all her deeds
She lives in her own private kind of hell
She often sobs from so many broken dreams
She is the fairy at the bottom of a wishing well.

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